Knob & Tube Removal


At Camco Electric, we specialize in the removal of knob and tube wiring. The process is simple and quick. All wiring is replaced with grounded conductor which is a large addition to the safety of your home. Most insurance companies will not insure houses equipped with knob and tube wiring. If this is a problem for you, call Camco Electric for a free estimate of the removal. A qualified Winnipeg electrician will be pleased to do a complete walk through of your home and discuss the removal.

Are you having a hard time selling your house? Is knob and tube wiring scaring the market from putting in an offer on your property? Call Camco for a free estimate on the removal process. Once the knob and tube removal process is completed, Camco Electric will provide you with a signed insurance letter stating your house is completely knob and tube free. Don’t let knob and tube slow down your selling or buying process. Call Camco Electric today!

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